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The Fremont neighborhood in Seattle

Crazy Fremont Architecture, originally uploaded by bleachers.

This is just an example of some of the amazing sights you'd see in Fremont. There are some great condominiums there, starting around $300K and going up from there. Most houses are going to be over $400K with $500K being about average price for a home there. A lot of the housing stock is older vintage homes, some even 100 years old, and the renovated ones may be as much as $700K, but they're special! Fremont has a lot of nighlife, and the market on Sundays. It also has some great restaurants and you can take music lessons at Dusty Strings and ride the Ice cream Tug Boat on Sundays.

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  1. That condo is huge and has a very stylish facade. But I still prefer to have house in a retirement community in NY when I retire.